Natural, eczema friendly skincare for the whole family. Organic vegan, kind on delicate skin

SOS Balm® is the ultimate multitasker, here to Save Our Skin...

What Is SOS Balm?

SOS Balm® is a combination of pure, effective, natural ingredients in the convenience of a balm. Created as a solution to baby skincare needs, especially when your baby or child suffers with allergies or skin conditions like eczema. It's designed to be delicate on skin but also effective, tackling sore, dry, inflamed and irritated skin without the use of harsh chemicals or steroids. It can be used from any age and for children and adults. 

What can SOS be used for?

SOS Balm can be used for nappy rash, dribble rash, eczema and psoriasis flares. It can help to soothe cuts, scrapes, minor burns and rashes. It is an effective moisturiser for dry skin that won't aggravate sensitive skin. It is available unscented which has no allergens and scented with only pure Lavender and Neroli essential oils.

Who can use SOS Balm?

SOS balm® can be used by the whole family especially babies. Gentle on skin, this organic, vegan product is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. The unscented version is suitable from birth and the scented version is suitable from 6 months. 

You can find out more information in our 'About SOS Balm' menu section.

Unrefined & Organic

Shea Butter

Unrefined is chosen as refined often looses some potency in the process. Shea butter is a powerhouse of an ingredient. A nut butter often used in cooking, for the skin it provides protection and deep moisturisation whilst letting skin breath. This is really important for rashes like nappy rash or eczema, which needs both moisture and air. Creams, balms and oils with petroleum ingredients like mineral oil suffocate the skin, often leading to weeping or inflamed eczema.

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Oils & Extracts

Argan and Hemp oils sink in quickly to moisturise without an oily finish. Hemp oil has been proven to improve psoriasis and eczema, help balance and repair skin. Argan, high in vitamin E, helps rejuvenate, cools and soothes inflammation and has antioxidant properties.

Chamomile and Calendula extracts are known for their anti inflamitory, antibacterial and soothing properties to help calm itchy or irritated skin.

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Lavender & Neroli Essential oil

Organic Lavender is relaxing, antiseptic and helps to condition and soothe inflamed or damaged skin.

Neroli is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral, it is said in aromatherapy to help ease stress.

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  • Psoriasis disappeared

    'My husband suffered from psoriasis for 30years and tried to control the problem with a number of prescription medications. He started using the SoS Balm and the condition completely disappeared within a few months'. ~ Christine

  • Saved us from sunburn!

    'Wow this is definitely an SOS balm, as it literally saved us from a few days of agony after getting a very British sunburn. I tried this little pot of magic. By the morning I was obviously still quite pink nearly zero pain. I even managed to get dressed without feeling like the material was sticking to me. A week on and no sign of peeling!' ~ Rosie

  • For Babies:

    'Within a week it had cleared my daughters eczema' ~Becky

    "I love using sos Balm, it sinks in well, I don't have to use loads and my daughters nappy rash calmed really quickly"  - Cloe

    "all of my children have sensitive skin and after using this on my youngest, I'm really impressed at how quickly it calmed down the redness" - Sue 

  • It healed my daughters hands in 2 days!

    'My daughter had a reaction to some soap on her hands. They became really sore and cracked. I used the balm and overnight the redness went down and by the 3rd day of using it, the skin was completely healing' ~ Lucy

We've Been Shortlisted For The Mother and Baby Awards!

SOS Balm was designed by a mum for her baby's eczema prone skin to replace nappy rash cream, moisturiser and baby oil. All of her favourite products were full of irritating ingredients for her baby's sensitive skin.

What she created went well beyond her expectations and with each application to bumps, bruises, burns, eczema and psoriasis outbreaks her family had, they discovered something else this little pot of wonder was capable of!

Friends and family, old and young, loved it. Now you can benefit from her creation too, safe in the knowledge it's pure and gentle but always delivers. You'll never want to leave the house without it!

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