Award Winning SOS Balm - Testers Feedback

Award Winning SOS Balm - Testers Feedback

Following our success in the Free From Skincare awards, we've included some of the testers feedback below...

We are so incredibly proud of SOS balm as it continues to work its magic for families everywhere! Our unscented balm won a Silver award in The family Skincare Category and Silver Free From Achievement award, a special recognition award for products that are free from many, most or sometimes even all food allergens, fragrance/fragrance allergens and the more common preservative allergens.

Here's the testers feedback...

SOS Balm Unscented Tester 01 FAMILY SKIN

Anything created for small people with dry skin and eczema is always welcome in our household.
I like the packaging - especially the screw on lid (I find it much more practical and quicker to open/close).
Formula - it’s lovely and buttery. Soft, pleasant and easy to dispense. It melts away immediately, but surprisingly it’s not as greasy as I expected. It leaves a smooth layer, not sticky or oily. Amazing!

Effective - First of all, it’s soothing. It brings an instant relief. And I mean INSTANT! Layering on the skin is pure pleasure.
It is very effective and quick acting. It takes on average a few days only to restore skin’s comfort and it speeds up the healing process. It was especially wonderful on our daughter’s sensitive, dry and eczema skin.
Our daughter says - I like the packaging, it’s small enough and I could take it with me to school, if I wanted. My most favourite part is that this balm is not greasy and sticky. It leaves no stains on my trousers or tights. I love to apply it, because it’s so soft. But most important, it works and stops my skin itching.

Heals - after the first 2-3 applications I noticed that skin became softer. This balm delivered instant soothing effect covering my sore areas with a thin, protecting layer and helping my skin to heal. 
Hands, between my fingers - almost heeled completely. Most importantly no soreness, which went away completely after a week. After around 3 weeks my skin started to look and feel pretty much normal. Dryness was minimal. Flakiness was a distant memory. Comfort restored.
Lips - I used it as “a lip mask” in the evening. Applied generously and just let it work its magic. Non comedogenic (no clogged pores around my lips and chin) and also minimal oiliness. Fabulous as lip mask!
Our (8 yr old) daughter Says- I started with applying on the back of knees. I had itchy patches there, my skin stopped itching me almost immediately. I tried to remember to apply again later, but completely forgot as my skin wasn’t giving me any unpleasant signs.

"I would not change anything"

Price - although £10.99 might seem a lot for a small jar, trust me it lasts well and it’s cost effective (all family, 4 of us, used it for various things).
Free from - wonderfully simple ingredients lists. I wish I knew this product a few years back when we were battling really bad eczema and felt utterly hopeless.
Other - it’s a little power balm. Multitasking, does its job most of all it’s safe and pleasant to use. I have already mentioned it to a few friends suffering with psoriasis. We all really enjoyed using this balm!


SOS Balm Unscented Tester 02 FAMILY SKIN

As a mother that has a son with eczema that is often on his face, I was excited to get using this.

I’m a bit in love with this product. It’s a great all rounder, but has proved excellent for whipping out and apply to my son especially AROUND and on this lips. At the is time of year this area is a nightmare, but the matt finish of the SOS balm is much better than a lip balm and I could also dot it around at other dry and cracked skin. It has soothed his lips and has seemed to keep them under control with just a couple of applications a day - a vast improvement on lip balms that have to be reapplied every hour or so.

This balm is a little god send for anyone with a busy family and battling day to day life with eczema. Being unscented, easy to use and relatively mess free, it is quick to grab and apply when needed as well as being able to slip into a pocket or handbag. It has helped my son no end with his dry skin and I honestly love it. It was easy to be able to extract the right amount for application. It went on clear so it was fine to apply to my sons face pre-school

This balm delivers, in fact is surpassed my expectations because of the ease of using it. I felt reassured as a parent that this product was safe to use on my son skin which has been cracked and sore for so much of his life. My son’s skin was left hydrated but not greasy and it really was an everyday saviour in those times when you despair. Autumn and spring time are particularly tough on his skin condition.

"There was 1 week where I misplaced it, and went back to using normal balms and I could see a quick deterioration in my sons skin, this was a real surprise and I was overjoyed when I found it in a coat pocket!"

The balm still looks great in its case, and has travelled well over the course of the testing. I love the texture, the ease of use and the fact that it isn't greasy or coloured on application.

A real marked improvement for my son, which in turn makes my life easier as a mother - bravo on an excellent product

SOS Balm Unscented Tester 03 FAMILY SKIN

The first few uses are positive, I found it easy to apply to my sons skin, and for him to apply himself, once he worked out not to use too much!
We used the product on dry patches of his skin, He found it soothing and healing as the balm did make his skin feel and look better after a few days.

Over time the balm continued to perform well, on both my son's and also my husband’s skin, my son used it on dry areas on his torso and my husband used it on his arms. Skin continued to feel and look better.

The product claims to be suitable for a variety of different areas, to ease itching, soothe soreness and moisturise dry irritated skin. The product met its claims helping skin. After using the balm for a month, both my son's and husband's skins looked and felt better, helping with any eczema flare ups and soothing any other irritations.

Overall we really like how effective the balm is in working its magic on any irritations. 

I liked the small compact tin, which can easily fit in a bag. The container felt secure and the product felt as fresh using it on day one as it did on day thirty, and I expect beyond!
I felt that the price was what I would expect, especially as you don't need to use much and I would expect the pot to last for the six months.

SOS Balm Unscented Tester 04 FAMILY SKIN

First impressions were good for this is a portable and fragranced balm. I was excited when I first saw it as it was handy for throwing in a bag when camping or out and about. I thought the kids would be fine to use this as it didn't look too dissimilar to a lip balm.

Early performance was good, as expected, this was a handy little balm for soothing dry lips, hands and other skin. A little bit went a long way, and it rubbed in easily, without a scent and it was accepted well by my children. Over the first few uses, it kept the skin soft and quickly soothed dry skin without too much oiliness.

This gentle balm did not aggravate the kids' delicate skin on multiple applications over the month and I was happy to use this long term on the kids. It did need regular application to keep being effective, as I would expect.

This is a lovely little balm which I got quite attached to over the month of testing. On first and continued application, this balm kept the kids dry bits of skin nice and soft; it did exactly what it said on the tin. This balm was so convenient to use, was not messy and rubbed in easily - it is now a handbag regular!

I wouldn't change anything about the product, but would quite like to try the scented version for myself!

Lovely plastic free packaging and a handy portable tin - I thought this was a lovely little product and even better that it is vegan and natural.

The website clearly lists what the balm can be used for, which is great as I would never have thought of using it for minor burns! Luckily no one had any burns over the month, but I will keep it in mind for next time.


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