S.O.S Balm® What's been happening this month... FEB 2024

S.O.S Balm® What's been happening this month... FEB 2024

Welcome everyone to the new year, although the hard slog through January makes it feel like a lifetime away already.

This month we are pleased to announce we are the winners of a Vegan Beauty award, and have been entered into the Free From Skincare Awards 2024!

We love our vegan and free from credentials, creating SOS balm® to be free from chemicals and harsh ingredients that irritate skin.


We are seeing children and adults alike through the harsh winter months. SOS Balm® is soothing red cheeks, chapped lips and hands and dry skin across the nation. Why not use SOS Balm® for your toddlers cheeks before taking a walk on a windy day? It can help form a barrier against the elements and will definitely help sooth skin that seen a little too much of a winters day...

On the upside with the daffodils standing proud, and a floral scent in the air, we are looking forward to spring and hope you are too!

The SOS Balm Team xx



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